The world's lightest and toughest van equipment

Industry-leading strength-to-weight ratio. Manufactured from fully recyclable materials. No compromise. 
Saving you money. Increasing your efficiency.


Packd delivers an impressive 250lbs carrying capacity per shelf. Rugged and tough, these shelves meet the highest demands of contractors, no matter what you're carrying.

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Innovation drives us. It always has.

For over 15 years we've had to settle for heavy, inefficient equipment with no one finding a better solution. Until now. Packd is a shelving system that is 30% lighter than the competitor and we did it for you - the tradesman and the fleet manager.

Designed for the future of EV's and to curb range anxiety, skyrocketing fuel and fleet maintenance costs. Packd is your solution.


Made of aluminum and a 3-layer composite. The base material made of an impressive 75% recycled material. Go 'green' without compromising strength or functionality.

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Packd is patent-pending.

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Increase the range of your vehicle (fuel/electric). Carry more tools with easily adjustable dividers, compatible with many accessories, and available in lengths of 3' - 8'.



30% lighter than comparable shelving. At only 40lbs - 90lbs (depending on length), they provide an average of 200lbs weight savings per van.

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Sterling 4 Shelves
Sterling 3 Shelves

Four shelf trays

High-roof Van

Three shelf trays

Low-roof Van

Shelving flexibility for all van types


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Packd Partitions

Packd Partitions

Our aluminum, contoured, cargo van partitions ensure the safety of your team whilst out on the road. Loose cargo can become projectiles in a sudden stop, and equipment can shift when cornering. These aluminum partitions are light, tough and provide a temperature controlled driving area. Available in multiple sizes to fit and customize your workspace.

Packd Flooring

Packd Flooring

An all-new, lightweight cargo van flooring. It creates a flat, reliable surface to maximize productivity on the job. With industry-leading durability and strength, this anti-slip material has extremely high impact-resistance. This fully composite flooring system is 50% lighter than other floors, making it the perfect match for EVs as it has minimal effects on range and payload. The "floating" floor protects the battery system underneath as it is not fastened to the van flooring itself.

Impactful Innovation

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Our Full Service Process

Quality workmanship is a guarantee. We prepare rigorously before your vehicle arrives and we get the job done to the standard you’d expect.




We also carry plenty of accessories that integrate seamlessly with our products and keep you organized and working efficently. Hooks, vents, locks, dividers, bins and holders. 

Why you can trust us with your fleet

We are courageous and dare to try new things. We lead the industry in bringing unique solutions to our customers.
We are honest. Integrity means everything to us. We admit when we make a mistake and we make it right. 
We strive to be the best! Give 150% effort to win and solve tough challenges. 

We are respectful and professional every day. We smile a lot. We're friendly. Work should be fun, challenging, and safe.

With Packd

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Sterling Vans

200,000 lbs
of excess weight saved per year

990,000 lbs
CO2 saved every year by our customers

fuel spend

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